Phần mềm quản lý nhà hàng, cafe | Phan mem quan ly nha hang


Nhan lam bang dai hoc | Nhận làm bằng đại học

Nhan lam bang dai hoc | Nhận làm bằng đại học


Chain management solution

It’s great to be a big boss, but the management of chain stores is not a simple mission . Fortunately, EZPOS could help you in many tasks with its inter-store sales reporting

Mobile POS solution Move more, inspire more, get more

Create a personal buying experience for your customers by giving your salesman some freedom.

Mobile POS solution Move more, inspire more, get more

There're a lot of cases when you must move close to your customers, help them quickly finish the purchase with the least possibility of system fallout like power cut,


Perfect solution for Convenience store management

EZPOS provides a high-class solution for managing Convenience store and eliminates issues of stock optimizing and sale performance.

Restaurant service at the top speed

From point-of-sale systems to e-catalog and more... The answers for all lie in one innovative technology that no one can ignore - EZPOS for restaurants and other catering services - because it is fast to implement, easy to use and so worthy of investment.

Solution for bakeries

Having implemented successfully many bakery stores, we know how it works and design our solution to fit.


POS Software - Retail POS Solution

POS Software, Point of sale, Complete retail POS Solution. Backoffice, Inventory management, Reporting ... All is ready for boosting your business

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